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About Anco Homes LTD

Anco Homes is a family owned and ran business. Established in 2009 in Wendover Ontario Anco, has built many homes. Quality is a big word that many use but cannot back-up. Here at Anco Homes LTD we are able to back this statement. With our carefully chosen and excellent sub-contractors that have been working with us for a long time, we are confident that you will love your future home. Along with our sub-contractor, we have a staff with mixed experience who has been in the construction and design industry for many years and in various parts of the residential industry. We are confident that your home will meet your expectations and your design needs.

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Our Process

With a very flexible schedule, our office is open from Monday to Friday and on the weekends under appointment. We are more than happy to have you come at our office and discuss what option suits best your needs. With an in house showroom, you will be able to visualize what your future home will look like. Don't be shy, come visit us!

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With free consultation, we are happy to help you explore the different options that we offer. We will help you find the model that best suits your needs and budget.

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Design &  Estimate

With in house architectural technologist, we are able to better help you with eventual changes you would like to make. Along with it, we will supply you with an accurate estimate. We are open to all questions and suggestions!

On-Site Visit

After the construction has begun, we will host an optional on-site visit of your home. This visit will be at the insulation stage (before we close the walls). So you will be able to inspect what you never get to see again once the house is done. This step will also assure you that no corners are cut.


The Finishing

With our high standards once the house is done, our crew spends 2-3 days for the step we call quality control. They go trough the whole home inspecting and touching up every imperfection they can find so that the house is as beautiful as it can be for you. Because every house is special to us.


Our Quality Guarantee

We take a lot of pride in our work. We want you to be as satisfied as we can make you. We strive to make our houses as well built as we can with up to date materials and ways to build. Our designs are always being updated to make sure we are up to date with the latest trends. This make our models age very well. Some of our designs are more than 9 years old yet they still look like they were build yesterday. Our company offers bilingual services as well as very flexible hours. Use our website to get more information. If you need more, use the "contact us" page to learn more about our way. 

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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