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Welcome to Wendover!

We develop our own land, No harsh land fee's like most builder have! Wendover is situated only 8 Minutes east down the 17 HWY from the city of Rockland. Wendover offers various services. Its a perfect place for young families. With a school, ice rink, baseball field & a park you have everything to keep your kids moving. There's also a public docking point. Perfect to go fishing on the Ottawa River. On the other hand, Wendover has everything to suit your needs. There's a pharmacy, a Big convenience store, a restaurant, car mechanics, a LCBO along with a Physio. Don't forget if Wendover does not suit you, We have lots in Morris Village (Rockland) and we can also build on your own property, even your own plan! Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you!

Living room 3_edited.jpg
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