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Welcome to Wendover!

We develop our own land, No harsh land fee's like most builder have! Wendover is situated only 10 Minutes east down the 17 HWY from the city of Rockland. Wendover offers various services. Its a perfect place for young families. With an elementary school, many daycares, ice rink, baseball field & a park near   you have everything to keep your kids moving. There's also a public docking point. Perfect to go fishing on the Ottawa River. On the other hand, Wendover has everything to suit your needs. There's a pharmacy, Dentist, a Big convenience store, a restaurant, car mechanics, a LCBO along with a Physio & a Tim Horton! Come live in the beautiful fast growing community of Wendover!

Click on the links above to view the present and upcoming subdivisions. We offer a wide variety of models for a wide variety of budgets. Reserve your lot today with a deposit and no commitment! Our policy, If you reserve a lot and you change your mind before signing the final contract approximately 2 months before building, we give your deposit back 100% with no fees guarantee!
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