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RBC has the advantage of being able to lock in a rate for 2 years! The best part is that if the rates go down yours will too! if they go up, yours won't! They Partenered with us so we are able to provide you with this service! Contact Diana, She offers a fully bilingual service!

We deal local with Kyle Vaillant at the mortgage group! They deal with over 50 banks to find the best rate possible. With a guaranteed pre-approval within 24hours we are sure you will be well served! He offers a fully bilingual service!

The steps of buying a new home

Buying a home can be a stressful process. Its one of the biggest investment's of someone's life. At Anco Homes we will guide you through all the steps and make it as stress free as possible. We invite you to take a look at our guide to help you better understand each steps & help you prepare for a stress free process.

What's your budget?

Before doing anything, see what you can afford & what kind of budget you have. We recommend going to a bank or mortgage broker to find out what you are eligible for. They will provide you with a pre-approval giving you an idea of how much your monthly payment could be. 


Book an appointment 

Now that you have your budget, it's time to book an appointment with our sales team! You can always contact them at or by phone at 613-678-0502. We will set-up a meeting and help you choose what model and type of home that best to suit your needs.


Lot reservation

Once a model & a lot is chosen, we require a deposit to reserve your lot. We will have you  sign a lot reservation contract that will then lock in the lot to your name.


Start of building 

Once we are ready to start your project we will contact you and have you sign the final purchase and sale agreement. At that time, we will require a pre-approval that is valid up until the planned closing date. This will then officialize the whole. A 2nd deposit will be required at the time of signature. Once everything has been completed we will setup a final meeting for color selection and to finalize the extra's. Once everything is completed, at the time of the permit application a third and final deposit will be requested. From there, the construction of your project will then follow. We will keep communication open during the whole process.

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